Who we are!

Jarod Breshears, Owner

Jarod Breshears, Owner of Skeeterbuggins Productions

Being only 38 years old, to say that I have close to 20 years worth of tech experience is amazing!  I started working with video when I was 16, and my best friend and I would go and make weird videos, such as the infamous "Colfax Goblin Project!"  In high school, I helped to develop and start a video production club and class, and I would develop interesting and unique videos for class projects.

When I entered college at the University of Idaho, I enrolled in the Lionel Hampton School of Music and the Journalism and Mass Media program and graduated with degrees in Radio/TV/Digital Media Production and Music: Composition.  I also worked my way up to become the Production Manager of the music school and started working at the university's Video Production Center as a staffer.  It was during this time that I started my business, Skeeterbuggins Productions in July 2006.

After college, I went on to pursue a Master's in Multimedia Communications from Academy of Art University and kept working on small projects with my business and working on major projects and campaigns for the University of Idaho, ranging from university president's inaugurations, commencements, Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival and sports.

In February 2013, I resigned from my position at the University of Idaho and dove headfirst into my business and haven't looked back.  We have worked on several projects in that time ranging from conferences to commencements to marketing campaigns.  I also dove into the world of broadcast graphics for television and have traveled all over the United States for various networks from ESPN and FOX to various Pay-Per-View events.  Events such as NCAA Tournaments, top-tier basketball tournaments and College World Series events.

Now, after 3 years in the Wenatchee Valley, we have settled in Liberty Lake, Washington.  Each day, we are growing and expanding!  I welcome you to discover the Skeeterbuggins difference!

Our Mission

The 4 C's are what defines how our company operates as a team, services our clients and achieve the success that we are able to do!


Capacity is not just in the size or volume that we can handle projects or events.  Capacity is in our ability to achieve all of the goals of a project.  There is a rare occurrence that we do not have the capacity to do something and if we don't have the capacity, we are committed to helping you find the resources to be able to achieve your goals.


We want you to be confident that choosing our company, you are making the right choice for your project or production.  We have taken great strides as we have increased our capacity that we want to instill confidence in our clients.  One of the ways we do this is in our quality control.  Every project now has intense quality control placed on it so that it meets and exceeds our basic standards for production.  Our oversight is not matched by many in our field right now.


Our capability is something we value because being a small business, we are very hands on and well-versed across the field. We are learning more by the day.  We believe that its in our capability that we become diverse in the ever-changing and growing media landscape.  We have the capability to do a great many things.  It is within our fields of expertise that we can help our clients achieve their vision and goals.


Our last C is what I consider in a lot of cases, the most pivotal.  Compassion is important as we view our clients as partners.  We never view a client as a one and done.  We treasure these relationships and view our clients as long-term.  Partnering with our clients to develop new ideas to make their experience better brings us joy.  We strive to help people achieve their vision within their budget.  Life goes beyond the dollar sign and that's why we always encourage people to reach out and talk to us before they decide it's too expensive, because you might be surprised at the result and what the gains could be!

The 4 C's is what drives our mission here at Skeeterbuggins Productions.  Every project fits our mission and if it falls short, we are committed to figure out how to address the deficiency so that all 4 are present.  Gives us a chance to bring the 4 C's to you!

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