We've included a few tips to help achieve the best quality viewing experience.

Our first recommendation is to connect your laptop to your TV using an HDMI cable.

Connect with HDMI-How to Connect Your Laptop to a TV - Best Buy

Below is instructions on how to cast from the major operating systems to a Smart TV, as well as how to cast from your phone to the top TV brands.








Another way to view this experience is through a streaming device. 

We've included links to the popular streaming devices below.



If you don't see your device listed, don't be discouraged! We recommend searching for the user manual to your device online, it's guaranteed to have the most up to date info.




Having problems with low streaming quality?

 It can be affected by many factors.

While we can't troubleshoot your individual situation, we can supply a couple tips:


Check for other devices using the internet

Each device on your network can use a part of the available internet. Try to avoid streaming a movie or making a video call.


Restart your computer

Everyone knows the old adage, “Turn it off and back on again.” It's said because more often than not, it works!


Restart your modem and wireless router

Your router works as a mini-computer, and like your laptop, it works.




Still having problems?

Here are a couple more tips to try:

1) Try clearing your browser cache

2) Make sure your browser is up to date

3) Try disabling your plug-ins or add-ons, then refresh your computer


We hope that these tips are able to solve any viewing problems you may encounter,

and thank you for joining us for this experience!


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