Now, you might be asking yourself, Skeeterbuggins, what's the difference between broadcast and live?  Well, for us, there is a slight difference and we will explain.

What we consider live only, is productions, that while they are produced live, they are NOT broadcasted.  Usually these projects are produced for on-demand viewing after the event, made into a digital media file, DVD or BluRay for purchase or meant to capture the experience of the event for later promotional or commercial purposes.

A lot of our clients who use this model, are our clients who work with us where we produce an end product for purchase after the fact.  Some of our theatre, dance and pageant clients fall into this category.

Sample setup of these types of productions (theatre, dance, pageant):


4 Cameras

3 On-site Staff (2 Camera Operators, 1 Technical Director)

1 Remote Staff (1 Producer/Director)

3 hours of setup, 2 hours of production, and 1 hour of strike.


A lot of these project on handled via sales run by us, though we do have rates if you want to pay for our services and do the sales yourself.  Those rates are $1000 for one performance and upwards depending on needs and performances.

Other clients who fall into the on-demand side, is often our conference and meeting clients.

Same setup of these types of productions:

Cameras = Maximum amount of breakout rooms

2-Channel Switcher in each room for mix of camera and PowerPoint

Staff + 1 Technical Director, where staff is equal to the Maximum amount of breakout rooms

1 Remote Staff (Quality Control Tech)

The rate for this package can range have a huge range depending on the size of conference, with a minimum cost of $500 for one room for one day.

If you would like to discuss a project or business partnership, please fill out this form.  Don't let the price scare you as we do work with everyone!

If you have questions or would like to chat more, give us a call at 509-888-2995 or contact us through here!

We always respond within 1-2 Business Days!


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