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5 Key Metrics for Internet Broadcasting

We have entered a new age where being online and communicating with people have gone to new heights through different mediums. One of those mediums is livestreaming, or what we call here at Skeeterbuggins, Internet Broadcasting.

When looking at doing Internet Broadcasting, there is a few things to consider.

1) Who is my audience?

2) What is my goal?

3) Desired End Result

Who is my audience?

Audience is a huge key when you are deciding to broadcast or 'go live'. Knowing who you are targeting is what is going to drive your focus when you look at metrics.

If your audience goal is to drive traffic, broaden outreach or increase brand awareness, the metric you are most concerned with is unique views, or what I derive as "Reach".

How I define reach is similar to the metric for TV of viewing households.

Let's say we have a show on TV that is seen in 5 million households across the US. This means it was seen in 5 million homes, which means it was probably seen by potentially 10 million+ viewers if you consider a household as having 2+ people on average.

Notice how I use the phrase unique views versus just views. Unique views are the metric quantifying individual viewers by their IP address. This gives you an accurate view of your reach. You can have broadcasts where you are getting high views, but low unique viewers.

What does that mean? This means that people are jumping on and jumping off your broadcast. There is a metric for this called viewer watch time.

Viewer watch time is the average amount of time a viewer watches. The higher the time indicates how engaging your broadcast was for your average viewer.

Internet broadcasting also tracks who is watching your broadcast, especially on Facebook, by gender and age. If you are targeting, Women, 25-34, with your broadcast and your top audience it is found to be Men, 45-54, this gives you important information on how your content is resonating with your audience. If you are missing your target, it allows you to go back and rethink your productions.

What is my goal?

Figuring out the goal of your broadcast is key. We already discussed reach and demographics, but some goals can be brand awareness, flash sales, or sharing how to do a recipe. You might simply be looking to increase engagement with your company or brand.

A good metric for engagement is whether people are liking your broadcast or sharing it with their friends. Another engagement factor is people commenting on your broadcast. As with anything, more the better!

What is interesting is if your engagement is high, this will affect your reach and viewer time as well. This goes hand in hand on a lot of levels. Higher the engagement, it will make your reach and viewership higher. Lower the engagement, it will baseline your reach and viewership.

Note, this does not mean your broadcast failed because your engagement was low. This is why we look at other metrics, because sometimes, people take in the information and do not interact on a high level. I only consider a broadcast a failure in most situations if the engagement you are getting is negative. The angry face on Facebook, hiding of your posts, unfollowing, or negative comments are negative.

Unless you are actively going for any kind of engagement, then rock on with the negativity!

Desired End Result

On face value, this might seem like the same thing as your goal, but in actuality, they are different.

End result is why you want to do the broadcast in the first place. Much of the reasons are the same as goal: brand awareness, increase traffic, etc.

But, this is where you actually have tangible gains from what you are doing. Did your sales increase? Did you get more followers on your page(s)? Did you reach your fundraising goal?

If your end result can be met with a "yes", then your broadcast(s) was a success!

So to review, here are the 5 Key Metrics for Broadcasts:

1) Reach

2) Viewer Watch Time

3) Age and Gender Demographics

4) Viewer Engagement

5) Was your end result achieved?

If you are ready to broadcast, and want to discover the Skeeterbuggins Difference, vist our website and reach out!

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