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We have been busy!

As you may have noticed, we haven't done a post for the past week! Well, quite simply, we have been busy with a variety of projects this past week and we are going to be taking a vacation/break starting tomorrow afternoon for a week. Much deserved as we have been working non-stop since the pandemic began to help us prepare for survival long term.

And we have a lot to talk about the next several weeks we are excited to share with you. As we have gotten busier, we are going to adjust our approach to blogging in the coming weeks to adjust to being busier.

But I just want to say, thank you to everyone who have been checking out the website and reading the blog. You are very much appreciated in our book! We look forward to more and more people checking out the website, the blog and our business as well!

So stay tuned everyone, a lot to talk about coming up!

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