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How COVID-19 Has Had A Positive Impact For Me

You read that right... COVID-19 has had a positive impact on myself and my business. How you may ask? Well, today, I will explain how it has from a business perspective.

The business impact I have felt is in the need to innovate and take my business in new directions. Directions and development that if I wasn't forced to be at home, working my business, I would honestly never have pursued.

With working at home now, I starting pouring my attention into my business, 100% of the time. An opportunity I never had before, truly. Since I was a professional television freelancer, as well as a business owner, I was always working a production somewhere and never 100% at my business.

With the opportunity presented to me, I was realizing where I could grow technology and utilize resources I had. I started seeing innovation all around me and realized I could do my own innovations. I started to develop a studio in my office, which is now a full broadcast hub where I can do three productions at the same time. You read that right, 3 productions out of the studio, at the same time.

The next innovation came with the ability being truly remote so I built a mobile production studio that fits essentially in a box.

I call this unit "Skeeterbuggins 1". It's what we call in mobile broadcast production as a fly pack. This unit had its maiden voyage late May for the Flywheel Conference and it performed with flying colors. This unit has everything needed to do a small format mobile production. Switcher. Monitoring. Network Switch for Communications, and all the cabling to make this work almost as soon as you flip the power switch. The creation of this unit cut our setup times down by a factor of almost 50-60%. What used to be a 4-hour setup can now be done in 1 1/2.

The final innovation I will talk briefly about today is the ability to remote in people from around the world with under 1 second of latency and we are working to get that even smaller. Why is this important? As we are adapting to the COVID-19 world, people have been finding that not having to travel is allowing them to actually do more things. Events can still occur while everyone is safe at home. We are right now in the middle of developing techniques to utilize this further into our events for the future.

All of this work I put into development and growth has paid dividends as I am starting to see work getting lined up and new projects and clients seeing what I am doing. I encourage those who are reading this, come and discover the Skeeterbuggins difference. You will be glad you did as we can grow together!

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