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Can you go Virtual? Yes, you can!

With the pandemic and the shutdowns continuing onward with no end in sight, a lot of groups are looking for new solutions in regards to their events.

Some are choosing to cancel because they cannot see a path forward without an in-person component. Others are attempting to adapt to circumstances and a lot are getting some surprising results!

It is our firm belief that anyone can do any event virtually. It's just a point of figuring out how to use OUR technology to bring YOUR event to life!

I have talked to quite a few groups and the biggest question people have is "How can this virtual event be as exciting as it is in-person?". The answer is simple... commitment to the event!

Commitment, in this case, isn't just about "showing up" for the event. It's about putting all of your energy and presence into the event. When I was an undergrad, I had a professor explain performance to me once as the focus of energy into what you are doing at that moment and giving everything you have for that moment. When you have that level of commitment, even if you make 5,000 mistakes, your audience will be engaged because they are receiving the energy you put into the production.

The same goes for taking an event virtual. When you put everything out there, on the line, people will respond. You don't need flash and bang. You just need energy. The question becomes, how do I showcase the energy?

Again, the answer is simple. As an event organizer, put your energy into the planning and scripting of your event. When an event flows, the audience stays interested and intrigued. They get interactive and if you are allowing for chat, they will start to talk online!

Having great flow and online interaction is the fundamental difference that is needed in a successful virtual event. At a live event, while flow does make it more pleasant, it is not critical because the people are present and more forgiving in person.

Online your fighting against the cancel and click culture. When you lose someone's attention, they will turn off your event and go to something else.

Hard to believe that something as simple as energy and focus can make or break a virtual event. Yet, this is true.

So if you have an annual event that cannot meet in-person due to the pandemic and not sure how to do it, reach out to us and I KNOW we can help make your virtual event with the Skeeterbuggins Difference!

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