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July Special!

Welcome to July 2020! If you are like us, you might be feeling like 'We made it!' It's July 1st, and we are entering the 4th month of the COVID-19 pandemic. It's been a long road for everyone during all of this! Things are looking up here at Skeeterbuggins and we are excited for what's coming in the future for us! Oh, and we just turned 14 years old! Crazy, huh? I started this business in 2006 as a side project and now it's where it is today and growing more and more! Looking forward to the next 14 years!

Anyway, we do a weekly update video stream every Wednesday. Today, we broadcasted ours on Facebook with some major announcements we have for this first week of July. The biggest news is our website grand opening that is happening right now. Makes sure you check it out, www.skeeterbuggins.com. If you want to see the short live show, I have included that stream below.

Our second piece of news today was we are doing a special for the month of July. All new clients will receive 20% of their projects if contacted and booked during the month of July. Further, if any of our past or current clients refer us to a new client that we book this month, that client will get 20% off as well on their next project. It's a nice win-win for a lot of groups out there in the right circumstance! Plus who doesn't like 20% off of their projects!

Those of you who know our company, know that we don't do this very often, so I encourage all who can, to take advantage of this offer. It only comes around once in a while!

So send us your project ideas or send your friends and colleagues our way and let's make something happen! This deal only lasts for this month only! Come and experience the Skeeterbuggins Difference!

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