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Members of GWATA and what it means!

One of the purposes of our new blog platform is a tool to not only improve our writing, haha, but to provide a place to have regular updates and news stories about Skeeterbuggins Productions as well as new technology and how we utilize it within our own company! Today, we want to share with you some news!

Last month, after working with GWATA, the NCW Tech Alliance, in helping them produce their annual Flywheel Competition virtually, we made the decision to join their amazing organization as members! We are very excited about this membership, not just in the connections we can make with other business and groups in our area, but its an important step in the direction we are going as becoming the leader in broadcast internet media and production services for the NCW and beyond.

When working in broadcast internet media and video production, you have to stay up to date in the latest technology out there. With the onset of COVID-19 and shutdowns, the technology for broadcast technology has grown tenfold over the past 3 months. Three months ago, everyone was scrambling on how to run Zoom and Google Hangouts. Annuals events, unlike Flywheel, shutdown due to the inability to be able to or want to attempt a virtual event. Now, most events and conferences are diving into virtual events.

At Skeeterbuggins Productions, from day 1 of this pandemic, we started diving into what we can do to keep people going. What can we develop to help our other businesses and organizations to survive? Through this work, we have worked with various partners and development to find new techniques, new infrastructures and new avenues to achieve our clients goals, as well as our own!

Over the next several weeks, we will be making a wide variety of announcements from our work on this realm. We have created partnerships and found and developed new platforms to help our clients adjust to the new now as well as the new future! Stay tuned everyone!

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