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Heads Up... We are slowly phasing out DVDs and launching a new service

During the pandemic, I have made the decision to start phasing out DVDs as a form of purchase of productions we produce.

There are a couple of reasons for making this change.

They are Becoming Obsolete

The simple fact in today's production world, everything is HD (High Definition) or 4K (Ultra High Definition). DVD is an SD (Standard Definition) technology.

Technology to produce a production is all in high definition. I barely have anything that is SD only in the company anymore.

The picture quality of HD and 4K is far superior to that of HD. Most people see a drastic difference, especially now that we have 55" TVs everywhere. Anything less that 720p is unacceptable to most in their viewing.

Another big issue is its becoming harder and harder to find players for disc technology. Even Blu Ray Players are harder to find these days. They are being replaced by streaming technology devices. In my own household, we have smart TVs that have all the major streaming platforms.

This leads us to the next reason...

Streaming and Digital are taking over

Streaming services and digital sales are taking over the marketplace for content delivery and integration. I have my own market research backing this up.

Over the past two years, whenever I do a sales table at an event, I swear I get asked at least twice, why don't you offer a digital version of the show.

Honestly, it took me awhile to get on board with it because I didn't know how I would I institute it to keep control over copying of the product. Digital files are much easier to copy then a DVD or Blu Ray. I did test it out at a few shows and I see the interest, but I was still tenuous about it all. Until now...

Our new service

I am launching video server on our website to start that will allow people to be able to view content either via subscription to the channel or via an option to purchase the rights to view a specific video as you wish.

Our plan for the month of July is to devote time into developing our service so that it's very user friendly and enjoyable to our customers.

Don't worry, DVDs and Blu Rays will still be here, but our primary focus will be on our new service going forward.

What are some of the perk of this move?

Instant Gratification

In a lot of cases we are able to have the file online within an hour of the completed program. This means when your child is home from the show, the production will be online for you to view whenever you want. No worrying about when it will be shipped or when it will be picked up.

Subscription vs Per Video

We will be offering the choice to view via monthly subscription or purchase per video. There are perks to both of these.

With a subscription option, you can guarantee that any production you are in that we produce will be online and the viewing rights to your show are included. Plus, with a subscription, you can view our whole catalog of productions.

With a per video purchase, you only purchase the video you want and have access to your video to watch as many times as you like. This will be popular for those customers who only purchase from us once a year, or are involved in a one time production. This option gives you unlimited access to productions that are purchased but does not give access to the full production library.

Yes, discs will still be offered

We will continue to offer discs for people to purchase, including DVD's, but we are aiming to phase them completely out of our services except for special purchasing by Spring 2022.

So stay tuned to our updates during July as we launch the service in August. More announcements to come! Welcome to the Skeeterbuggins Difference!

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