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New and Improved Video Reviews

Today, we are happy to announce that we have launched a new way of handling video reviews for our clients within our new and improved website!

What are we doing you ask? Well, we are taking video reviews out of YouTube and Vimeo and hosting them right here on our website. These are private links that are password protected and designed with the project in mind in the site address. The interface contains two parts: the video being reviewed and a feedback form to suggest changes and ideas to improve the video or approve the video as is.

The first image below is the top half of the page which contains the video portal. The client can play the video right here within the web page. All videos in this portal will have a time-code for reference so clients can reference specific parts of the video that need to be changed or revised.

The next image shows the feedback portion of the site for clients to provide feedback as to what they want to have changed or revised on their site. The form is simple. You enter your name, your email (so we can respond back to you), and your position in relationship to the client or project. Next, we have the checkbox asking if you approve of the project or need to have changes done. The final field is the feedback or revision request portion where you put whatever feedback or changes you want to give. Now, this field is set to be required in all instances, so if the video is approved as is, go ahead and leave a nice comment for us to read! We love all forms of feedback!

We hope for our clients that this will make the review process easier to navigate, easier to interact and a more enjoyable process! Please know that we are taking feedback on this process as we work to refine it further and are excited to have a great presentation for our clients moving forward!

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