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Non-Profits and Why We Love Them!

Did you know that we love working with non-profits? Well, we do! Non-profits are such a huge part of a community. Whether it's through the social work they do, the charities they create or the activism that they support, we love supporting them with the various tools we have in video production!

I started working with non-profits in 2013 when I worked with the United Way of Whitman and Latah Counties on their event called the Dash for Cash! Notice our old logo in the video ;)

As time has gone on, our relationships with non-profits has grown exponentially each year. We have worked with such organizations as GWATA, United Way, Washington State University and Numerica Performing Arts Center.

To us, non-profits are no different than any other client. We work with all sorts of budgets and all sorts of projects. In partnership with non-profits since COVID-19 began, we have put on some amazing events, such as the Flywheel Competition and the Apple Awards. These events helped their organizations in so many ways beyond the face value of having a video. It brings the question of how valuable is video? In the cases of these events, the value was reach. Reach that the groups didn't have before.

I had a meeting the other day with a new perspective client from a non-profit and we started discussing ways to broadcast their gala. I was able to wow them with the idea of being to have the broadcast on their website. Just this little act is actually worth a lot to an organization. It drives traffic to their cause and their mission. Opens eyes to what they are saying.

We live in a world that is dominated by the click. If you have eyes on what your doing and growing from that, your message gets out there.

This is where being either a non-profit and for-profit group is not that different as the principle is the same. More eyes, more traffic creates the more conversions, the more support. I figured this out early on in working with non-profits that while they don't turn a profit, they need eyes and clicks to grow their support, just like I do with my business. This is why it's a joy to be a partner and a help in their journey and to see them achieve their goals.

If your a non-profit and even have the slightest thought of a broadcast or video production need, please reach out! We probably have the perfect solution for you!

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