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Should you broadcast a wedding?

Going to the wedding chapel.... Going to get married...

We all know the words to the famous song "Chapel of Love" by the Dixie Cups. Unfortunately, going to the chapel is not something that is taking place right now in the traditional sense.

In the world of COVID-19, everyone is looking at a new way to do things. Weddings fall into this category.

Traditional weddings are the gathering of families and friends to celebrate a union between two people. Sometimes they can be huge affairs with the size of a small town attending, to the very robust and small.

COVID though, has derailed the traditional wedding format for a lot of people. When you can't have a gathering larger than 10, it's hard to even have a basic wedding party and an official to marry you.

So what can you do to share your big day with your friends and family? I have a solution for you...

Broadcast the event!

Yes, you can broadcast your wedding and if you hire a professional, you can get a professional ceremony video as well as a live production of your wedding to share with friends and family.

This turns your day into a celebration for all your friends and family. You can get married and share your joy!

At Skeeterbuggins, our focus is on broadcast and we will make your ceremony one to remember as we capture all of your moments for you and your loved ones to share and cherish.

Plus, our pricing isn't all that bad, as we are doing ceremonies for $600! You get to share it with your audience and get a professional video of your ceremony for a fraction of the price you would have paid for a huge celebration!

So if you are planning to get married during the COVID pandemic here and looking for solutions, come and reach out to us! Your wedding can discover the Skeeterbuggins Difference!

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