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Sponsoring or advertising on a Internet Broadcast: Why You Should Consider It

Internet Broadcasting has become all the rage over the past several months due to our current pandemic. As we stay home more and more, people have turned to streaming sources for their information and entertainment.

The question always comes up with should a person support or sponsor an internet broadcast. What gain is there in advertising on such a medium?

As I have stated in previous posts (5 Key Metrics in Internet Broadcasting and Why you should be thinking about internet broadcasting?), internet broadcast has a high potential of reach.

Here is a scenario:

I am business A and I am going to be a sponsor for an event, lets say a summit for educators. The summit is a regional summit that is attended by 300 teachers. Now, the summit has decided to go virtual and open the doors for people to remotely participate. Their numbers increase to 600 participants.

The reach has just doubled in this scenario that your sponsorship is seen people. It's that simple. I have seen this in my own broadcasts.

One such broadcast was Apple Awards for Numerica Performing Arts Center. Their title sponsors was Davis Arneil Law Firm. Since they were the sole sponsors of the event outside of ourselves and the Numerica PAC, they were able to have their logo as a corner bug on the whole broadcast and full screen support graphics throughout the broadcast.

The reach on this production hit 1200 households, and most of reach were within the Wenatchee Valley. I haven't had a chance to find out what their uptick in business was, but you have to think there was some.

So, if you are a business, and your thinking about new advertising streams, you should consider sponsoring or advertising on internet broadcasts. It will be worth your while we think!

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