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Sports Broadcasting - It's in our blood!

For the 2020-2021 school year, things have been drastically different thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools have been hit hard from the classroom to extra curricular activities. Sports have been especially hit hard.

Now that things are starting to reopen, especially here in Washington State as Fall sports look to start within the next month, more issues and questions arise... namely, can people attend to watch?

In a lot of cases, as we have seen in professional sports, the games can be played but audiences are not allowed. How does a school recoup some of the revenue or achieve outreach to their fanbase? Under these circumstances, the answer is simple! Broadcast or make the game virtual.

Since the pandemic began, we at Skeeterbuggins productions, have been putting together tools to be able to bring the game to your families, fans and supporters. Our vast experience not only with the world of virtual events is huge, but also, our experience with sports productions is critical.

Our owner, Jarod Breshears, has worked on over 1,000 various sports productions in his career including the marquee events of the PK80 Tournament, Junior League World Series and several NCAA basketball tournaments including Sweet 16's and Elite 8's. We can make your productions look good and exciting for your fans!

If you are looking to have your sports reach your fanbase, contact us today and let's figure out our options!

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