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Analysis from our broadcast on Saturday: Part 2

Today, we are continuing onward with Part 2 of our 5-part analysis of our broadcast on July 11th utilizing SRT point-to-point technology as it pertained to that situation and the lessons we learned from that experience.

Let's dive in!

Today, I'm going to talk about what I learned with bandwidth usage as it pertains to video signal resolutions.

Maximize Bandwidth #1 - Video Resolution

The issues we faced on Saturday in terms of bandwidth maximization and stabilization I wanted to address in my tests since the event to see if we could improve our picture quality.

Our broadcast Saturday night was 1080i60, due to the camera I assigned to the event, outputs that signal via HDMI.

So I set the broadcast at 1080i. On paper this wouldn't be a problem in most any circumstance.

Though a reality is that to send a true 1080 signal, whether its 1080i or 1080p, it uses up bandwidth pipe. In my tests on Sunday, I realized my decoder (Teradek Cube 625) can actually transcode a signal, as well as my encoder (Teradek Cube 655).

Transcoding is where you change a video format from one format to another. So if I am on site outputting a 1080i signal from my camera, I can actually at my encoder send a smaller resolution, say I do 960 x 540 (half 1080) for the stream to the studio. Once it hits the studio, since I'm doing an HD broadcast, my decoder repackages the signal or up-converts it to 1080 HD if I want it to be like that.

What does this do? By reducing the resolution, it is carrying half the resolution that the stream has to digitally account and adjust for when it is encoding. This allows for more bandwidth usage devoted to stabilization and video quality.

I am working currently to develop a system for when to use what resolution for which bitrate when below 1 MBps bandwidth.

The benefit I have is my studio is an easy place to replicate an extreme situation. I get terrible cell service which allows me to really put this to the test. If I can get a stable stream from here using cell service, I can from anywhere.

We are currently looking to partner with someone who wants their event filmed but will allow us to stream the event utilizing this technology so we can refine it further under fire. We are looking for that opportunity to show how our work is creating the Skeeterbuggins Difference!

Interested in having us do a project in a remote setting and want a broadcast added on, we are looking to partner with you so we can work more on getting this more and more refined! Contact us today!

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